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The Smartest Game  To Play with our Digital Age - DUNGEON DEFENDERS

What’s more classic than some good old fashion tower defense? Not too much, because tower defense is one of the oldest genres in the game industry. It is just such a simple concept, defend this from those guys but it can be manipulated in so many different ways that each take is unique.

 And the main reason the genre is so lasting is because it is just so much fun. Dungeon Defenders is another entry to the genre but with its own qualities to try to set itself apart. The way Dungeon Defenders does this is by combining a couple well known genres under tower defense game. 

There is action, strategy and role playing games under a fantasy theme. It gives the games its own flavor that really doesn’t compare with anything else. You play as one of four characters classes, each with their own abilities, positives and negatives. There is the Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and the Monk. 

What is really nice is you can create your own character, customize them and save them to be swapped out at anytime. The characters will level up with use, upgrading stats, and finding new armor and weapons. It is great to be able to have the different characters and not be locked in with one from the beginning. 

The meat of the game is tower defense, but things are definitely different than normal. There are two separate phases of the game play, the build and the combat. During the build phase, you do what you would expect. You have a crystal that needs to be protected, so you will use your money to build new defenses, position them upgrade your defenses and upgrade your character. 

The enemies will come in waves from specific locations so you will want to prepare for them. After you have your defenses how you want, you enter into the combat phase. This is where the fun begins. The first couple waves start off simple enough but soon the screen will be overrun with enemies. 

You can sit back and have your setup do the work for you or you can get right in there yourself and help out. It is satisfying, having your traps fall apart but knowing you can still survive. Enemies drop crystals that you can then spend in your next build phase. The game has a solid single player campaign, but where it really shines is in the multiplayer. 

You and a friend, either teaming up or battling wits, either way, it is loads of fun. Dungeon Defenders is a great game that you can get lost in, with hours of unlocking and upgrading and in general enjoying this wonderfully designed tower defense action rag game.